Today I am going to write about this one word, which as soon as we hear we take a break/backseat. Ah! yes it’s scary. But let’s think if we all really react the way I mentioned in front of patient who has been diagnosed.. what will be going on his/her mind?

This is what I wish if we can break this chain, and start with small change.

It’s not a communicable disease rather with time medical science / inventions are helping for treatment and better life to patients. Hence it’s important we accept this as one of disease and support patient, but not show mercy rather help them to fight back with WILLPOWER.

Another aspect is think from Doctor’s perspective, who treats. They do best for patient, still due to nature of disease success could be of short duration in some cases. But we should have faith and acceptance.

Will continue …

Thank you for your time to read and lets bring a change together.